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Cold River Ranters

Brought to you by Flying Under Radar, LLC

Date & Time: 
March 7, 2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Popolo (Windham Ballroom), 36 Village Square, Bellows Falls, VT




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How to describe the Ranters? 'Hot Gonzo Primitive Folk Jive' (as they say on their website) is one way. 'A cross between the Holy Modal Rounders, The Asylum Street Spankers and Jonathan Richman if he lived in Acworth' might be another (which is what we might say to fellow music-nerd friends). But 'One whole heck of a lot of fun' might be the best way of all.

The Cold River Ranters combine an American-rootsy feel with dashes of third world seasonings.
The melodies reflect various cultural traditions-Appalachian, Irish, Celtic Brittany, African, even South Asian-but the band’s original lyric writings are one-of-a-kind. Blood- and-guts vocal stylings fuel the band’s high energy repertoire, balanced by the mandolin player’s more traditional delivery.

At the Ranters local core are Lemspter, New Hampshire’s own Skillet Walker on steel resonator guitar and vocals; Jonathan Reinhart of Marlow on mandolin and vocals; Tom Jawbone of Keene and Acworth on banjo, flute, bagpipes, penny whistle, bones, jug , jaw harp and vocals; Nattie Carroll of Keene and Acworth on accordion and washboard.  Marek Bennett makes deep thumping basslines using a 35-gallon steel drum with a banjo head and strings coming out of it. 

Join us for a night of unamplified mayhem at the beautiful Windham Ballroom tucked behind the fine restaurant known as Popolo, located on the Square in the throbbing gonzo primitive heart of Bellows Falls on Thursday, March 7. The show starts at 8 pm, which allows for an excellent dinner at Popolo beforehand - we'd suggest reservations for 6pm or so, which can be made by calling 802-460-7676; show your ticket or receipt for 10% off your food items.

Advance tickets are $10, available at Popolo, online at, or (after 2/10), Village Square Books in Bellows Falls. Best-in-house 'Angel' tickets are available for $20 from and, after 2/10, at Village Square Books. If you have questions, please call 802-463-9595. 

Proceeds from this show will benefit The Bellows Falls Farmers Market. This show is presented by Flying Under Radar, LLC in association with Vermont Festivals, LLC and Kicking and Screaming.

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