Top 5 Free VPN for Chrome

Are there really free VPNs for Chrome? Well, that is good news for loyal fans of Google Chrome. Now, you can have a VPN added as an extension to your Chrome browser.

Browsing the internet is always risky as you are prone to security threats and vulnerabilities. As we all know, browsers like Google Chrome have no threat detectors, and only allow you to surf any time of the day. Your security is exposed each moment you open your browser.

That’s when you need a VPN, to mask your IP address and hide your activities so you can stay secure online. However, VPNs are expensive and it is not practical to get them to try and change after using for quite a few times.

So, we compiled a free VPN that will work specifically on Google Chrome. Before you decide on buying one, try the free VPNs we listed below.

Free VPN for Chrome

#1. uVPN

uVPN is a completely free VPN for Google Chrome. It is very easy to use. In fact, after you install it, you can just click the button and it will establish the connection.


This VPN has a huge network server empowering premium security against hackers and snoopers. Using a VPN for Chrome will leave you at ease while you are surfing the web.

#2. Free VPN

One of the simplest and fastest VPNs for Chrome is the Free VPN. It can unlock any website allowing you to browse privately and securely.

Free VPN protects users’ security on every online activity. Users can surf and browse anytime without limitations.

#3. Psiphon


#4. VPN Unlimited

Claimed to be the best VPN for Chrome is the VPN Unlimited. It secures your connection and protects all the sensitive data, expanding your freedom to use the internet.

VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is a paid VPN but offers a free 7-day trial. It is a perfect extension if you are looking for a lightweight but powerful solution.

#5. Betternet

Betternet VPN for chrome is also free to get. It has the capability to block websites while making security of your online activities.


Betternet is also very simple to use. The good thing about it is that it is free from annoying ads and pop-ups.

Wrapping Up

With these free VPNs, you can now surf the internet without worrying about your security. Plus, you can just have it installed as an extension on your web browser.

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